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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide

This guide will cover Kung Fu Chess tactics for intermediate (orange belt) to somewhat more advanced (my) level players. If you are not an orange belt or more, you probably wonít gain much from reading this. If you are an orange belt or more, you probably wonít gain much from reading this. If you would like to compliment my guide, I would be pleased to hear it. If you find any mistakes in my guide or have any criticisms of the strategy contained within, I donít care. I will make additions to the guide whenever I have free time and actually feel like doing work during that free time. Oh yea, and thanks to compsoftgo for making a most excellent kfc diagram maker.

Topic 1 - A neat tactical trick
Topic 2 - Endgames
Topic 3 - Basic Openings
Topic 4 - Combinations
Topic 5 - Piece Trading
Topic 6 - Sacrifices
Topic 7 - Fake Capturing and Foretelling
Topic 8a - Positional Kung Fu Chess - The Rook
Topic 8b - Positional Kung Fu Chess - Knights and Bishops
Topic 9 - Pawns
Topic 10 - Tactical Tricks
Topic 11 - Inmove Captures
Topic 12 - Common Fundamental Misunderstandings of the Game
Topic 13 - The Common Mistakes Involved in the Deployment of the Fundamental Elements of the Basics of the Essentials of the Rudiments of Elementary Kung Fu Chess Which Should Have Been Discussed Earlier in Devilantís Strategy Guide But Were Not - A Critical Analysis of the Weaknesses of Devilantís Strategy Guide and the Ways in Which It Could Have Been Improved
Topic 14 - Puzzles
Topic 15 - How To Think Like a Black-Belt: Phases 1 & 2
Topic 16 - How To Think Like a Black-Belt: Phase 3 (Tactics they know that you donít)
Topic 17 - How To Think Like a Black-Belt: Phases 4 & 5
Topic 18 - Advanced Tactics And Techniques
Topic 19 - Blocking
Topic 20 - How to Use Your Pawns
Topic 21 - More on Sacrifices
Topic 22 - Game Analysis 1
Topic 23 - Unreliable Moves (Game Analysis 2)
Topic 24 - How to Checkmate Your Opponent (Game Analysis 3)
Topic 25 - How to Checkmate Your Opponent 2
Topic 26 - The Opening: Weak Pawns and Flank Attacks
Topic 27 - The Opening: Defending against a Faster Opponent

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