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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 1

Topic 1 (Advanced) - A neat tactical trick

Iím going to start off the guide with an upper level tactic.

Take a look at this position. Blackís first instinct will probably be to play Qc4 (which he will because if he doesnít I canít show you this tactic). Now, as the queen is moving towards c4, white plays his pawn to a4, as you can see in this diagram:

Black canít take the pawn on a4, because if he does then white takes the suddenly undefended queen. Now white can win the queen by taking the pawn on b5 and the queen at the same time:

Pretty simple, right? Yep, but it is very difficult to see that it can be done during a real game and difficult to avoid falling into it yourself (moving that queen seemed like a perfectly good move for black). Most of the time it doesnít occur to anyone that sacrificing a pawn can win a piece.

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