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Devilant’s KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 15 Solution

Topic 15 Official Strategy Puzzle Solution

Hopefully you solved this one before you clicked the link. If not, here is the solution.

White first captures the queen (duh) and plays his pawn forward to defend it.
Black will respond by playing his king over a square and pushing his pawn forward!

Black must make this pawn push or he will lose the game as follows:

Thanks to black’s bishop capture, the way is clear for white to promote his pawn before the black king can arrive to capture it. If white captures black’s pawn, the black king will be able to capture it before it promotes.

Thus, black must not capture white’s bishop, but instead push his pawn.

Now white can win as follows:

White’s bishop move prevents black’s king from moving to e6.

Next white plays his king to f5 and his bishop to g8.

The black king is powerless to stop white from taking the pawn thanks to the bishop.
The game concludes:

And white wins easily. It is interesting to note that if white’s king begins the puzzle on f1 instead of f2, the game is a draw instead of a win for white.