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Devilant’s KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 16

Topic 16 (Advanced) – How To Think Like a Black-Belt: Phase 3 (Tactics they know that you don’t)

Now that I’ve covered clearing your mind and finding purpose, it’s time to move on to the next phase in your training, which just so happens to be the most important phase for blind people.

Phase 3: See With Your Mind

At all times a Kung Fu Master is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his position, and the possibilities that are available to him. In this phase I will show you positions from games that I have played, what I looked for, and how I responded. Do not concern yourself with the specifics of the positions, but with the thought process used in evaluating the position. See with your mind, not your eyes!

Material is currently even and black has just moved his rook to b6. Black probably doesn’t know it yet, but in white’s mind, he’s just lost a pawn and rook! Here’s white’s play:

White sacrifices his bishop! Why? He captures a pawn, but that’s not the real reason. White’s next play will be to capture black’s rook, and play his pawn forward to defend it!

And look at that! White’s bishop sacrifice allowed his pawn to move forward to defend his rook. Material was just even, but now white’s up a rook to black’s bishop AND he has two passed pawns! Game over!

    Two passed pawns!
That was a mighty excellent example if I do say so myself. Let’s look at another example of this sort of sacrificial play.

Here we’re approaching the endgame. Both sides have equal material. Black will want to play his knight to f5 to set up a combination with his knight and bishop. After the previous example, I hope you can see why that won’t work.

Played immediately after the black knight moves, bishop takes pawn allows white’s pawn to play forward and capture black’s knight. White plays his other bishop to g5 to stop black’s bishop from attacking his other pawn.

The result? White wins a passed pawn, which is easily enough to win the game.

This tactic is very difficult to see, which is what makes it a black belt level tactic. Hopefully you will now be able to see it as well.

Topic 15 Official Strategy Puzzle

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Devilant’s Strategy Guide: Topic 16 Official Strategy Puzzle!

The solution will of course be included in Topic 17.

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