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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 17

Topic 17 (Advanced) Ė How To Think Like a Black-Belt: Phases 4 & 5

Now that your mind is clear, youíve found purpose, and you can see with your mind, it should be painfully obvious where Iím going in this Topic. If itís not obvious, you may need a lesson in:

Phase 4: Seeing the Future

A true Kung Fu Master can see many seconds into the future of a game of Kung Fu Chess. You must learn to do this too or you will fall victim to an unforeseen play or position. In this phase I will show you positions from games that I have played, what happened next, and how I looked far ahead into the future of the positions to achieve a crushingly incredible win (as always). Do not concern yourself with the specific moves and positions, but with the thought process involved in looking, and planning, ahead. Of some concern, however, is why you should use your newly developed talents to play kung fu chess when you could instead cheat people out of their money by becoming a telephone psychic. For that question, you must find your own answers.
(Note: Devilant wishes to make it clear that he is not saying that all psychics are cheats - only most of them.)

Example One
Weíll start off with the most basic of examples.

This should look familiar. Itís similar to the fake capture scenarios of Topic 7. This time, however, there is a crucial difference.

White sends his rook to attack blackís king. Using foretelling, black knows he has to dodge, but to where?

White has looked ahead and seen that black cannot dodge away and still protect the queen.

White wins the queen.
That was pretty easy, so letís look at something a bit more advanced:

Example 2

White seems to be in bad shape in this one, with just a knight and bishop to blackís two rooks. However, he has looked ahead and seen a forced draw!

This doesnít look good. White canít take the rook because blackís king will be able to move to defend it:

I hope youíve seen the saving move just as white did.

Bishop takes king. As in the first example, blackís king cannot dodge away and still be able to defend the rook!

Now white can take the rook, earning a draw.

And now weíll look at a much more complicated example.

Example 3

I like this example because it combines many of the concepts discussed throughout the guide, exactly as a black belt would use them in a real game.
First of all, it should be obvious that black is threatening a combination attack on whiteís knight and pawn:
If you didnít see this combination, take a moment to reread Topic 4: Combinations.
Once you see the combination, you should immediately see that, as shown, it wonít work.
If you didnít see this counter to the combination, take a moment to reread Topic 8a: Positional Kung Fu Chess ó The Rook, and Topic 13ís Reexamination of Topic 4.
Whiteís rook is in position to counter this combination.
Once youíve seen whiteís counter to the combination, you should immediately see the correct move for black to block the counter:

If you missed this block, I donít blame you. This is the first time such a block has been seen in the guide!
Once youíve seen blackís block, you should immediately see how white counters it.

If you missed this counter, take a moment to reread Topic 1: A neat tactical trick and Topic 13ís Reexamination of Topic 1.
And if you didnít see all that immediately, youíre not seeing the future. Practice, practice, practice!
If you have seen the future, you are ready for the final phase of your training.

Phase 5: Opening a Can on Your Archenemy

As you know if youíve ever been to the movies, you must face and defeat your nemesis in order to complete your training. Good luck! Youíll need it.
Caution: Unbeknownst to you, your Archenemy is probably a blood-relative, such as your father, uncle, or brother youíve never met. This changes nothing. Show no mercy!

Topic 16 Official Strategy Puzzle

As promised, the solution to the Topic 16 Official Strategy Puzzle!

Devilantís Strategy Guide: Topic 17 Official Strategy Puzzle!

The solution will of course be included in Topic 18.

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