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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 18

Topic 18 (Advanced) Ė Advanced Tactics And Techniques

Now that youíre thinking like a black belt, youíre ready to master black belt, top level tactics. Coincidentally, this Topic will feature several such tactics.

Advanced Take and Defend

The take and defend tactic is probably the first kung fu move you learned. Take a piece and defend your piece.
For example:

White takes the knight and defends with his pawn. Very simple. You should be doing this in your sleep already.

Now letís see how this same tactic can be applied in a more complex scenario.

White would like to play his pawn forward to defend the knight capture, but black has a pawn guarding the square. After the first example, you can probably see what whiteís going to do here.

White advances his pawn anyway! As it turns out, this is an effective take and defend!

Black has just lost his knight. He can capture both whiteís knight and pawn, but white will be able to recapture:

If black doesnít take whiteís pawn, white will use the pawn to capture the knight, just like the simple take and defend from before:

And thatís the advanced take and defend tactic. You will find opportunities to use this tactic in almost every game you play, now that you are looking for it.

Advanced Feint

You will recall from Topic 6 that the feint is a maneuver where you sacrifice a pawn so that you can win a pawn elsewhere.

The sides are level but white can win this game easily with a feint. Do you see it?

The key moves here are the two pawns on the left. This is where the advanced feint occurs. The other moves are merely set up for the attack. Like the feint example shown in Topic 6, it doesnít matter whether black captures the pawn or not. White obtains a crushing attack either way.

I like to use the rook here because it prevents my opponent from playing his pawn forward to dodge the attack, which is annoying.

Now those pawns on the left come into play, allowing a devastating combination.

And thatís all, folks! The extra pawn (and passed pawn!) is easily enough to win.

Accurate Timing

Iíve had several comments about my ability to precisely time captures, to my great advantage. Itís not hard to do at all. Hereís an example scenario where timing must be precise:

The white pawn will recharge just before the black queen, so if white wants to capture the queen with his rook and defend it with the pawn, he needs to capture the queen just as the queenís timer expires.
My method is to keep a mental clock in my head. The rook must travel five squares to capture the queen, which takes 5 seconds (one per square). The queen will recharge in ten seconds, so the correct time to send the rook to capture the queen is five seconds after the queen starts recharging. Just count off those 5 seconds in your head, or use a watch if you have one. Of course, itís always better to err on the side of caution and capture early rather than late, but try to get as close to the correct time as you can.
Timing is also crucial for inmove captures as well. Employ this technique well or find one that works for you and you will win many games.

Topic 17 Official Strategy Puzzle

Here is the solution to the Topic 17 Official Strategy Puzzle!

Devilantís Strategy Guide: Topic 18 Official Strategy Puzzle!

The solution will of course be included in Topic 19.

White to win.

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