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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 2

Topic 2 (Intermediate) - Endgames

Now Iíll discuss some endgames that newgen doesnít cover in his guide (link to newgenís guide is/was on the shizmoo main page) - some are really simple, some are not.

If the lone king canít get in front of the pawn, the game is over. But if it can get in front, the game is still easily won:

Have the knight try to take the king, and then move the king up to defend the knight:

Move the knight out of the way, and advance the pawn. Then just repeat the process until you make a new queen.

This is a pretty easy one. First, set up the bishop and knight and king like this. If this position is reached with the black king on the edge of the board, it is checkmate.

Have the knight try to take the king, forcing the king to move back a row:

The white king then moves down a row and white sets up the starting position again to force the black king back another row.

This is the most difficult mate to accomplish, and depending on the location of the lone king, it may not be possible to do before the auto-draw time limit is reached.

This is the position you need to set up. The black king has only one square to retreat to without moving back a row to the edge of the board. So the first step here is to try to take the king:

The white king needs to stay across from the black king to prevent it from moving up to the third row, so the a3 knight needs to defend the d2 knight:

Next, the d2 knight moves to b3, and the c4 knight needs to attack the black king, so the following moves must be made:

And now you are back to the starting position, with the black king moved a square over towards the edge of the board. After 3 more repetitions of this procedure, the black king is forced to the back row. Then you repeat this procedure again until the king is forced into the corner. As you can see, it takes about 48 seconds to force the king over 1 square (the knight has to move 4 times, so it takes 40 seconds of recharge time and 8 seconds of time in motion), so if you need to force the king to move a long distance to get it to the corner, you wonít have time before the game draws. BUT, there is another tactic you can use:

Immediately after white moves the knight to take the king, he moves his king into danger towards the black king (The same tactic used in the rook + king v king endgame). Granted, it is risky, but it is the only way to avoid a draw if the lone king is far from the corner.

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