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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 4

Topic 4 (Basic stuff) Ė Combinations

I was originally planning to do another topic on openings, but Iím rather bored with them for now so Iíll instead discuss the most exciting part of Kung Fu Chess - the combination.

Iíll start by showing the most common combination in Kung Fu Chess - using the bishop and knight to take two pawns on the edge of the board:

It should be quite obvious (even without the glaring red arrows) that white is threatening to take the two pawns on the right side of the board with his bishop and knight:

In this position, the combination has failed. Black can take the knight with his bishop, winning a piece. In order for the combination to work, white must play this critical move:
Really important pawn move.
Now when black takes the knight with his bishop, this is the result:

And now you can see the importance of that pawn move. Without it, the white bishop would be lost.
But the combination isnít finished yet! The black pawn on f5 can now be taken.

To recap - for a combination to succeed, you need:
  1. Two pieces to attack two opposing pieces at the same time.
  2. A pawn which can be played forward to defend the pieces involved in the combination.

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