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Devilantís KFC Strategy Guide - Topic 7

Topic 7 (Advanced) - Fake captures and Foretelling

Now Iíll discuss two related Kung Fu Chess tactics that you wonít find in regular chess.

Fake Captures

Consider this position:

The black bishop is the only piece protecting the black queen. If white wants to play it safe, heíll send his queen to take the black bishop (removing the defender of the black queen) and then take the black queen, earning a draw:

What makes this position difficult for black, though, is the possibility of the fake. White moves his queen as if to take the black bishop, but stops one square short. If black thinks white is going to take the bishop, heíll dodge. White wins the black queen if he takes it immediately after the black bishop moves.

So... if you were black, wouldnít it be nice to know beforehand if white is faking the capture or not?


Yes indeed, I will now teach you extrasensory perception. Well actually itís only the exploitation of the gameís "hints" feature. Click the options button, and then turn on hints (shizmooers only, uproar and icq players automatically have this feature enabled). Now when you place your mouse over a piece, the game will place little green dots over each square that that piece can move to. This is not a "newbie-only" feature. Consider this position, which is similar to the one above:

As above, white has the option to actually take the rook or to try the fake. But if black has the hints feature enabled, he can tell which option white has selected!

Black has positioned his mouse over the rook, causing helpful green dots to appear on squares where the rook can move. When the white queen starts moving towards the rook, one of two things can happen:

1. White does the fake:

This is the way foretelling works: if the piece is moving to square X, the green dot on square X disappears. (Uproar and Icq players will see the dot turn red instead of disappearing)
Thatís right, if the white queen is stopping one square away from the rook, the green dot on that square disappears! Black should not dodge.

2. White goes for the rook:

If the white queen is in motion and the green dot is still there, black knows the queen is not stopping a square short and he should dodge with the rook.

More on Fake Capturing and Foretelling

All right, now you know the basics of fake capturing and foretelling. But there is more you probably should know.

When not to try a fake capture
There are two situations where fake capturing is absolutely not devilant-recommended.
  1. Your opponent can foretell your move.
  2. The piece in question is an undefended knight.

You have already seen an example of situation 1 above, so Iíll just discuss situation 2 now.

There is no reason whatsoever to fake the capture of the black knight in this position.
This is a basic rule of Kung Fu Chess: ALWAYS GO FOR UNDEFENDED KNIGHTS.
If they dodge, they still can't take your piece back. This holds true for almost any position. Going for a capture on an undefended knight is risk-free unless youíre attacking from the far side of the board.

When foretelling fails

You can only foretell your opponentís moves to squares where your own pieces can move. This is common sense. If you donít have a green dot on a square, you cannot determine if your opponentís piece is moving to that square. This means it becomes incredibly useful to position your pieces where they can attack as many squares as possible so that you can foretell more moves (though this is not the only reason why youíd want your pieces positioned well of course).

Oh and by the way, this is NOT an easy tactic to use. It takes a lot of practice to be able to take advantage of foretelling, which is why this topic is classified Advanced.

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